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What are the checks on the Judiciary?

The judiciary can be checked by self-imposed limits, presidential appointments, executive enforcement, congressional powers, and federalism. However, the judiciary is still th (MORE)

What is the function of the judiciary?

judiciary is very important because while living in a country we should follow some rules and laws of the government without judiciary people become independent and they will (MORE)

Function of judiciary?

The main function of the judiciary is to interpret the  constitution. The judiciary also handles all types of cases filed  in courts and give a verdict in reference to the c (MORE)
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What are functions of Judiciary?

1.they implement laws 2.they arrest offenders who breaks the law 3. they control the executive arms of government 4.

Who is Scotland's Judiciary?

The top criminal court in Scotland is the High Court of Justiciary and the top civil court is the Court of Session. The majority of cases are dealt with at the local Sheriff C (MORE)

What is the synonym for judiciary?

Noun 1. persons who administer justice (synonym) bench (hypernym) administration, governance, governing body, establishment, brass, organization, organisation (member-holon (MORE)