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What is independence of Judiciary?

Independence of Judiciary means that it is not under the control of the legislature or the executive. the judges do not act on the direction of the government or according to (MORE)
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What are the types of judiciary?

there are mainly 3 types of judiciary: Supreme court : it serves justice at highest levelHigh court: it serves justice after district courtDistrict court : it serves justice (MORE)

Was the Judiciary Act of 1801 repealed?

Yes. The Judiciary Act of 1801, which expanded the federal court system and allowed President John Adams to pack the Judicial Branch with members of his Federalist Party was r (MORE)
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Does an independent judiciary support republicanism?

It does not always support with republicanism. In a judiciary the president appoints the judges the people don't on the contrary republicanism is were the people elect represe (MORE)

What is the role of the judiciary?

The judicial system is the arbiter and interpreter of the law as passed by the legislative branch of government. As part of the three branches of the US government they are re (MORE)