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Who is the juggernaut?

The Juggernaut is a Marvel comics character, a mutant villain who  appears in the X-men comics and movies. His super power is  unstoppability: once he begins moving, practic (MORE)

What powers does juggernaut have?

Super strength, invulnerability, projection of small forcefeilds, hyper jumping, unstoppable once he is heading in a direction (short of a nuclear blast) protection from menta (MORE)

How did juggernaut get his powers?

  When Cain Marko and Charles Xavier were in service during the Korean war, they Cain deserted under fire and ran into a cave. Xavier followed to try to convince him to co (MORE)

What is the cheat code for the juggernaut on ps3?

Actually if you pre-order Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 only on Xbox 360 & Ps3 you get juggernaut's code so you can download on Xbox Marketplace or PlayStation Store but since it (MORE)

Who is stronger Hulk or Juggernaut?

A "full powered" Juggernaut (Classic/Current) is immune to conventional, physical damage and the character has arguably the highest feat strength in comics (punching through t (MORE)
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Who is dc's version of the juggernaut?

Atlas II, his powers come from an alien crystal he received from crystal mountain which grants him strength, invulnerability and agility to rival Superman. His power source an (MORE)
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Where is juggernaut on tranzit?

find it in town in the building that is on the left upon opening the door up stair for 750

Are the Juggernauts in MW2 real?

Sort of. Their armor is based on the U.S. military's C.P.E. (Cupola Protective Ensemble); which is a modified E.O.D. suit used as enhanced body armor for exposed vehicle turre (MORE)