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How tall is Julia Roberts?

  Julia Roberts Height   US Actress from Pretty Woman and Erin Brockovich. Sometimes she does quite look tall, other times just average. There was an article in Esqui (MORE)

Who is Julia Childs?

She used to be a famous chef. She died a few years ago. Maybe a decade. Which is 10 years. ^_^
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Who is Julia Roberts?

Julia Roberts is one of my favorite actors. she's in a lot of movies like Pretty Woman and Runaway Bride. she's recently done two movies with her close actor friends George Cl (MORE)

Did Julia Child read Julie and Julia?

No, as depicted in the movie Julia Child did not want to read the blog after hearing about it. She felt it was exploitative. She didn't sanction any ulterior marketing regardi (MORE)

What is Julia Child's favorite food?

Julia Child was asked to describe her ideal last meal in an interview, which has been published in Noel Riley Fitch's 1997 biography, Appetite for Life: The Biography of Julia (MORE)
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Who is Julia sheer?

Julia Sheer is an AMAZING singer on YouTube. But I heard she is available on iTunes now too. So basically i guess she is an internet singing sensation. She is amazingly talent (MORE)

Why did Julia Child move to Montecito?

Julia moved into accomodation for older people (really a sort of retirement village/nursing home). She started off in independent accommodation in the complex but moved up to (MORE)

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