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What caused the death of Julia Bolino?

As of June 2014, Julia Bolino, one of The Robert Palmer Girls, was alive and working as a hair and make-up artist in London. Julia is married and has two daughters. Julia Bo (MORE)
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Is Julia bradbury Jewish?

No. Her father is English. Her mother is Greek. There is nothing on her official website to indicate a religion, but she can be seen in one photograph wearing a crucifix
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Who is Julia cukier siegler?

the 13 year old teen was walking across the street to get to school , and a car came by and the rear-view window hit her and she lost her breath,started walking without regain (MORE)

Did Julia Carson have children?

She had two kids. Her son's name is Samuel Carson Sr. He has a sibling named Kit Carson.
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What did Julia tuttle do to get famous?

Julia Tuttle had a dream of turning Miami from a wildness into a place where people would like to live
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Jin will get with Julia or Nina?

ofcourse Nina --------------------------------- If you like the idea of Jin marrying either Julia or Nina, then I'm sorry to dissapoint you, but there is no way he's getting (MORE)

Did Julia Morgan have a husband?

Julia Morgan Didn't have a husband, but had many good friends. Her best friend died in 1924
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What are the brothers and sisters of Julia Tutwiler?

Margaret Tutwiler Wright Ann Eliza Ashe Tutwiler Young Catherine Ashe Tutwiler Meriwether Henry Ashe Tutwiler Pascal Ashe Tutwiler Henrietta L. Tutwiler McCorvey Peyton Octavi (MORE)

What did Julia Child's parents do?

Julia Child was a very privileged child. Her father was a real  estate tycoon in California. Her mother was a descendant of a  Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts and an he (MORE)