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What experiment of Galileo's involved cannonballs?

  Galileo's experiment to show that mass had little effect on the speed of falling objects involved two cannonballs of different sizes being dropped from a certain height. (MORE)

What was inside a civil war cannonball?

  There were two kinds of cannonballs. First there were the solid metal cannonballs that were use to break fortifications, buildings and ships. There were also hollow cann (MORE)
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Will Ava's accumulator retrieve cannonballs?

Although the Ava's accumulator/attractor can retrive 45-75% of your arrows and attract metal it does not, because you deposit 30 in the cannon, and it never adds to the invent (MORE)

What are Civil War cannonballs made of?

That all depends on the gun that was being fired, and what was loaded in it. The most basic form was shot- a solid ball. These were typically made of iron, some smaller ones m (MORE)

What made a cannonball explode?

Cannonballs do not explode. They are solid iron and their destruction comes from sheer force of impact. The gun powder is in the cannon. It's explosion propels the projectile, (MORE)

How do make a cannonball on RuneScape?

  To make a cannonball on Runescape you will need the following: - A Steel Bar ( 4 Cannonballs Per Bar ) - Cannonball Mould - Access to a furnace, a good place would (MORE)

Where do you get a cannonball mold?

i am trying to get one too, but i would try the man who gave u directions to fire a cannonball in the quest, if not then just ask people randomly at the grand exchange : )
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Where to get a cannonball mold?

It is obtained during the Dwarf Cannon quest from the Dwarf engineer Nulodion. He is usually at the entrance of the Dwarven mines south of Ice Mountain and northeast of Falado (MORE)

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