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Who is Julian Casablancas?

Julian Casablancas is a member of the alternative rock band called 'The Strokes.' Julian Casablancas is also the son of John Casablancas the founder of Elite Model Management. (MORE)

What did Julian bond do?

Julian Bond was a mid-century activist and politician. He was  elected to the Georgia House of Representatives, but had to get the  appointment approved by the Supreme Court (MORE)

Write a brief summary of A visit to India written by Julian huxley?

WikiAnswers is not a free service for writing critiques, essays, discussion papers, reports and summaries, or homework. This is considered cheating. We WILL help you learn h (MORE)

Who is Julian Assange?

Julian Assange is an Australian journalist and activist as well as the editor-in-chief of controversial website, WikiLeaks, which publishes leaked government documents.
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