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What was Julius Caesar?

Some of the official titles he held were: Pontifex Maximus High priest of Jupiter Quaestor Military Tribune Consul He had won a civic crown (2nd highest military honour) Gove (MORE)

Puns in Julius Caesar from act 1 scene 1?

act 1   scene 1, line 13.    "A trade sir, that, I hope, may use with a safe conscience, which  is indeed, sir, a mender of bad soles."    The pun is "bad s (MORE)

What is Cassius' persuasive techiques in act 1 scene 2 in the Tragedy of Julius Caesar?

After Brutus leaves the stage before Scene 2 of Act I ends, Cassius' soliloquy foreshadows that Cassius will persuade Brutus to join some conspirators in the dethroning of Jul (MORE)

Was Julius Caesar a Christian?

No, Julius Caesar was not a Christian. Christianity was started by  Jesus who was born at least 44 years after Caesar lived.
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Why does marullus scold the workers of Julius Caesar in scene 1?

In this scene of Julius Caesar, Marullus, enraged by their celebration of Caesar's victory, is scolding the commoners for their fickleness. The rationale behind this scoldin (MORE)

Why Julius Caesar and Cleopatra had a child?

It is because Cleopatra was trying to make herself queen of Egypt by getting help from Caesar. Caesar did not know if he should trust her. With the birth of their child Caesar (MORE)

What is julius Caesar?

Julius Caesar is a man who was in the First Triumvirate of Rome. He also was the first dictator of Rome. A correction here. Julius Caesar was not the first dictator of Rome. T (MORE)