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How long did Julius Erving play pro basketball?

Julius "Dr. J" Erving played pro basketball for 16 years between 1971/72 - 1986/87 (between the ages of 21 - 37). He was drafted by the Milwaukee bucks in the 1st round (12th (MORE)

Why did DrJ or Julius Erving get his nickname?

  Julius Erving got his nickname "The Doctor" from a friend who played pickup games with him back in Roosevelt, Long Island. Julius called his buddy "The Professor" becaus (MORE)

What team did Julius erving play for?

Julius Erving played in both the ABA and the NBA. He played with 3 teams, first with the Virginia Squires, then the New York Nets, and finally, the Philadelphia 76ers.

Is Julius Erving still alive?

He is. He is a spokesperson for Dr. Pepper, the soft drink, and spends some of his time as an ambassador for the NBA at various events.
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