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What celebrities were born on July 14?

Roosevelt "Rosey" Greer (born 1932)   King Goodwill Zwelithini (born 1948)   Pierce Brosnan (born 1953)   Jane Lynch (born 1960)    Historically, July 14 is (MORE)

Name of the 14 nationalised banks- 14th July 1969?

The Government of Indian First 14 Nationalised banks: 1. Bank of India 2. Union Bank of India 3. Bank of Baroda 4. Bank of Maharashtra 5. Punjab National Bank 6. I (MORE)

What happened on July 14 1789 in France?

July 14, 1789 is Bastille day in France. on that day the people of Paris tore down the Bastille castle. That castle had served as a prison where the king had locked up his ene (MORE)

What was The prison attacked by citizens of Paris on July 14 1789?

  The Bastille, a fortress on the edge of town. The mob attacked it because a) they needed some guns and b) the Bastille was a prison where the King could send anybody, an (MORE)

What happened July 14 Bastille Day?

On July 14, 1789, Parisian revolutionaries stormed the Bastille to  obtain weapons and free the prisoners in the jail part of the  building, assuming most of them were polit (MORE)
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