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What is jumbles?

Jumbles are cute, furry, fictional animals. Jumbles are cookies made with raisins, butter, walnuts, and other ingredients. Jumbles are word puzzles that are published in dai (MORE)

What does jumble mean?

The verb means to mix up, especially to mix at random, todisorganize. The proper noun Jumble is a syndicated anagram word game. to put or throw together without order, a confu (MORE)
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When was 'The Jumblies' written?

A canonical verse from the Victorian Age it first appeared 1846, was expanded by Lear in 1861; further expanded upon in 1863

What is the anagram of jumble?

There are no anagrams for the word jumble. The next longest word from those letters is blume.
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What is a jumbled mass?

If you got everything you had in your bedroom, put it in a hugepile in your yard and then stirred it all up with a spade, youwould have a jumbled mass.
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