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Why are children of mixed race parents so confused?

Probably due to the clash of cultures between the parents. Whilst mixed-race relationships DO work - they are often filled with conflict over which culture would be the best w (MORE)

Are conundrums mixed up words?

No. A conundrum is a riddle or puzzle, especially a complex one. A more specific use of the word is "a riddle that is answered by a pun." The term "malaprop" or "malapropism (MORE)

What is a Humorous mix-up?

a humorous mix up is when someone accidentally does something like walk in to the mens bathroom while being a female or goes in the wrong car.

Why you get confused?

You get confused because you have lots of things in your mind. Sometimes you get confused because you do not understand the situation. You also get confused when it comes to d (MORE)

Why are keys on the keyboard mixed up?

they are placed in a way that letters wich are often side by  side in a word have a maximum of distance between each. the ieda  had Christopher Latham Sholes .  +++  I don (MORE)

What is it called when the prosecution asks the witness questions to clear up any confusion for the jury?

If the witness is a Prosecution Witness - the Prosecutor's initial questioning of their own witness is referred to as direct examination. If, after the defense asks that wit (MORE)

What is mix it up day?

Mix it up day is a fun opportunity to make new friends in school. It's when you sit with a new crowd of people at lunch. It is a great way to end cliques in schools or make ne (MORE)

Why are the key and key on your keyboard mixed up?

the most typed letters are in the middle honey, its not hard its a little more complicated than that it dates back to early type writer when they were engineered the legs key (MORE)

What is the origin of the expression my mind's made up don't confuse me with the facts?

The earliest evidence appeared in a 1945 article titled "Don't  Confuse Me With Facts!" by Roy S. Durstine in the periodical  Advertising & Selling. Durstine was a prominent (MORE)