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How do you jump?

you kind of squat and lift up your knees then let loose or try push  the ground away from you quickly!   Oh wait what a Amazing!m/ - I got free Clash Royale gems here! Ge (MORE)

How do you jump a bike jump?

there are 3 steps to jumping on a bmx bike: 1) compress- put your weight over the handlebars 2) quickly lean back over your seat 3) after doing this, your front wheel will lif (MORE)

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What is a shark?

A shark is a fish and a cold-blooded vertebrate. A shark does not have fur, skin or hair, but fine scales called denticles. It breathes through gills rather than lungs, so the (MORE)
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Can sharks jump out of the water?

Sharks can and do jump out of the water. Great white sharks have been filmed hunting seals by coming up beneath them and leaping all the way out of the water. They hit the sea (MORE)
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What can a Shark do?

Sharks search the ocean looking for food. Attacks on people are extremely rare but do happen. Sharks find food by using small gelatinous filled pores in their noses to detect (MORE)