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How fast do Great White Sharks have to swim to jump out of water?

  Great White Sharks can swim up to twenty miles per hour and need to attain this speed to launch their massive bodies out of the water. This type of jumping is typically (MORE)
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Do sharks eat bigger sharks?

Some Sharks do prey on other Sharks, but it's usually a biggerShark eating a smaller Shark. . Sharks sometimes mistake other sharks as prey and eat them. Yes a great white s (MORE)

What is the highest jump in high jump?

The world record for the High Jump was set by Javier Sotomayor of Cuba, in Salamanca, Spain. The year was 1993. Sotomayor cleared a height of 2.45m (a little over 8 feet). (MORE)
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What sharks do Hammerhead sharks eat?

There are ten known types of hammerheads (though the most  recently discovered one, the Cryptic Scalloped Hammerhead, is not  yet officially cataloged) and they feed on dive (MORE)

Is the shark of 1916 the strongest shark?

it is believed to be either a baby white shark implicated for the ocean attacks and either a mature bull or baby white in the creek attacks. hope this answered your question (MORE)
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Do great white sharks jump out of the water?

Great white sharks jump out of the water when chasing food. When hunting seals, Seals will jump out of water to avoid the shark and the shark will follow the seal into the air (MORE)

Who can jump farthest in long jump?

His name is Earl Johnson, In the 1983 Olympics Earl jumped a record setting 48ft. Some say he was carried by angels others say he was jumping away from death's grip. All I kno (MORE)
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What sharks are warm water sharks?

The Great White Shark, mostly lives in warm water known as tropical water but also the Hammerhead shark lives in those kinds of water too ^_^ hope this helped. Joanne Salvator (MORE)

Why do jumping beans jump?

A particular moth (Cydia deshaisiana) lays its eggs in the seed-pods of two species of Sebastiania, a shrub native to northern Mexico. Once hatched, the larvae eat the seeds f (MORE)
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What can a Shark do?

Sharks search the ocean looking for food. Attacks on people are extremely rare but do happen. Sharks find food by using small gelatinous filled pores in their noses to detect (MORE)