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Is Jun dead?

In the story, Ogre attacked Jun Kazama Jin. Jin was knocked unconcious and by the time he waked up, Jun was nowhere to be seen. It is said that Jun was never dead but missing. (MORE)
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How did Jun die in Halo Reach?

If you have played Reach, then I'm sure you know that the Bungie team did not write Jun's death into the story, however, there is a blog where people have come up with many in (MORE)
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What is sil jun do?

Sil Jun Do is a form of mixed matial arts used for real world self  defense. Meaning "the real way" It is made up of a mix of ground  fighting, stand up and tactical self de (MORE)

Who is jun matsumoto?

Matsumoto Jun is a Japanese actor, musician, and idol. He is the youngest member of the very successful boy pop band ARASHI that has been together for more then 10 years. He h (MORE)
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Who killed jun kazama in tekken?

no one killed jun kazama in the tekken series. she was attacked by ogre but kazuya saved her and she went missing. if any of you know unknown from tekken tag tournament, she i (MORE)
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Does Jun survive in Halo - Reach?

Jun (noble 3) is the only member of Noble Team confirmed still alive by the end of Halo: Reach. (Although possible that Noble 6 got lucky surviving a near death experience by (MORE)

How do you spell pero?

The Spanish conjunction pero means "but," while perro means "dog." The proper name, a surname, may be Perot (Ross Perot) or Poirot (Hercule Pierot).
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