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How are June Beetles useful?

  The only use I have noticed for these creatures is fodder. The grubs are eaten by a variety of bigger, hungry creatures. The grown beetles seem to be a favorite, post mo (MORE)

How did June get its name?

The roman goddess, junius, which is also the goddess Juno in roman/greek mythology The month is named after the Roman goddess Juno, wife of Jupiter and equivalent to the Greek (MORE)

What is the weather like in Tunisia in June?

Now we are in June and the weather is usually crazy in Tunisia! it  is neither hot nor cold for a Tunisian, but for a Foreigner it is  qualified as hot. temperature varies b (MORE)
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Do June bugs bite?

The beetles (genus Phyllophaga) are known as "june bugs" or "wood bugs" and are normally harmless. They do not have biting mandibles. Some individuals may have allergic reacti (MORE)
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What is the weather like in Vancouver in June?

  The weather in Vancouver in June is unreliable. It can be hot, sunny and dry, or it can be cool and wet. On average, the daily high temperature in June is about 21C, or (MORE)

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Which plants bloom in Chicago in June?

Lilies (grow from bulbs), coreopsis, Stella d'oro lilies, sweet William, early roses, some hydrangea will also bloom in June. All these should be hardy in zone5 (Chicago)
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What is June 28 birthstone?

Pearl has always been accepted, but I prefer Alexandrite, the beautiful shade of pink, adopted sometime in the 50's
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Is June Lockhart alive?

At the current writing, 4 October 2011, yes. She just finished filming of her newest role in Zombie Hamlet.
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If your birthday is on June 12 how old are you?

It depends upon the year of your birth.    The age on your birthday in any year is given by:    age = year - year_of_birth    If the date in a year is bef (MORE)