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How does gloom evolve?

Use a leaf stone on a Gloom if you want a Vileplume, but if you want a Bellosem use a Sun stone on a Gloom. Oddish evolves into Gloom at lvl21
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Does gloom evolve?

Gloom evolves into 2 different pokemon. If you use a leaf stone, it will become Vileplume. If you use a sun stone, it will become Bellossom. Also, level it up after you give i (MORE)
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Is gloom an abstract noun?

Gloom as an absence of light is a concrete noun, detectable by  sight. Gloom as an emotional state, depression or despair, would be  an abstract noun.
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What does gloom evolve into?

theres two ways to evolve way is to use a sun stone and it evolves into   Bellosem(i spelled it wrong i know)or you can use a leaf stone to evolve it into to vele (MORE)
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What does gloom mean?

  gloom is a state of not quite complete darkness, eg just before night falls.

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