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Why would some one call another person Junebug?

Maybe, when they were little they played with the Junebug, and was given the pet name of the same. I know Dale Earnhardt Jr. has that Pet name. My sister as a child had a diso ( Full Answer )

Who is Junebug?

Answer . \nDale Earnhardt Jr. is often referred to as "Junebug" in the racing community.
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Are junebugs harmful?

June bugs are not necessarily harmful to humans or animals, butthey are definitely pests. They are not known to sting or bite.
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What is the species of a junebug?

Cotinis nitida is the scientific name for the green junebug, though northerners have a brown beetle they call June or May beetles I think. The junebug that I know is the lar ( Full Answer )
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What do junebugs taste like?

They taste surprisingly sweet, and if grilled they have a nice crunchiness to them almost like breaded or fried meat. Absolutely delicious!
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What are the features of a junebug?

June bugs are hairy little insects. They are nocturnal creatures, meaning they come out at night. Their life cycle is about a year and they eat leaves and shrubs.