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Are giraffes in the jungle?

No. Giraffes can be found throughout Africa. What part depends on what subspecies they are. They live in savannas, and in open grasslands. The ideal location for a giraffe (MORE)
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What is a name of a jungle?

The Amazon Jungle. There are more but you only asked for one so I gave you what you asked. xD   Hope that helped.   Also, another name for a Jungle would be a Rainforest (MORE)
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Why is gym called gym?

Gym is short for Gymnasium which is from Ancient Greek - gumnasion - "exercise, school".
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What are jungle worms?

Jungle worms are a bug or worm that is in your gut that is in there  making sites for more bugs/worms. And in a few hours you will feel  cold, coughing a lot.    Jung (MORE)

What was The Jungle?

The Jungle was a "social awareness" novel written in 1906 by Upton Sinclair. It contrasts the corruption of the meat-packing industry with the appalling conditions and day-tod (MORE)

Is there jungle in Africa?

yes there is it is in Madagascar This was a possible answer so i hope that it is right Tyler Olson wrote this of east grand forks yes there is Congo is one of them
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What is the jungle about?

The jungles were very dense in some places the sky or the man in  front of another could not be seen more than five yards away. The  heat would hit would be over a 100 degre (MORE)