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Can a junior be the valedictorian?

No. (Not unless that 'junior' is graduating early, in which case they'd actually be termed a senior, even if this is only their third year of high school... so, still, no.)
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Who is super-junior?

Super Junior is A South Korean Band Consists of 13 Members Originally. But as of 2010 the members temporality droped to 10 members, as Hangeng Did a Lawsuit against his cont (MORE)

What is a rising junior?

  The one who is still in sophomore year, but will be a junior in next semester or quarter.
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What is a junior marshal?

A junior marshal is an honor bestowed on the top academic students from the high school junior class. These students help at Graduation, Senior Awards, the Baccalaureate servi (MORE)

What is a junior supervisor?

A junior supervisor is the lowest, or most-junior, management position. It is usually a step above lead (Accounting Supervisor is senior to Lead Accounting Specialist), but be (MORE)

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Who is Super Junior and what do they do?

Super Junior is a wide-known pop dance group. They sing and dance well but also participate in a variety of other areas i.e. as radio DJ, in variety shows, as variety hosts, a (MORE)

What is a junior drafter?

Drafters are classified by the type of work they do and by the amount of responsibility they have. Senior drafters take the initial information and ideas and develop the fina (MORE)

What is after a junior?

The classes in a 4-year high school or college are designated:   * Freshman (1st year)  * Sophomore  * Junior  * Senior (4th year)   In identifying people in one fami (MORE)
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What is better the you phone 5c or 5s?

the 5s because it has better service but it dosent have diffrent  colrs just silver gold and black
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What is raglins test?

During a Ragland Test, a person has their blood pressure taken  while they are lying down and calm, and then taken again after  standing up suddenly. It is also known as Rag (MORE)