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Is DNA junk or not junk?

Answer . There is junk DNA or non-coding DNA. This DNA is the segment before the promoter of a different gene.
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What is a junk pot?

A Junk Pot is a mixture of Pig Feet, Pig Tails, Turkey Necks, corn and potatoes...It is often served at Football Tailgates in the South
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Why are junk bonds called junk?

The term comes from a conversation between financier Michael Milken (who got filthy rich selling them) and billionaire Meshulam Riklis (who got filthy rich issuing them). In t ( Full Answer )
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Why are junk foods considered junk?

A junk-food diet typically features a high proportion of processed and fried foods, refined sugars and cereals, processed meat, candy and chocolate and high-fatdairy products. ( Full Answer )
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What does junk as in a ladies junk mean?

The slang term "junk" can mean a couple of things when used to describe women. It could be a reference to her intimate parts, her vulva, or her vagina. However, these days, th ( Full Answer )
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What is junk material?

Discarded material, such as glass, rags, paper, or metal, some of which may be reused in some form.
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Is the iPad junk?

No the iPad is not junk. The iPad is a portable computer, much better than a laptop with the 10 hr battery life. And you can copy whatever you have on an SD card onto it, like ( Full Answer )
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Is Honda junk?

No, Honda is consistently one of the most reliable and dependablemanufacture of automobiles and motorcycles sold today.
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Why are junk bonds not really junk?

Junk bonds are risky investments, but have speculative appeal because they offer much higher yields than safer bonds. Companies that issue junk bonds typically have less-than- ( Full Answer )
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What are junk files?

Junk files are temporary or unused files that are created byoperating systems or other software during their installation andrunning process. The hard disk accumulates thousan ( Full Answer )