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Where did Juno get her name?

Her Greek name was Hera. The Romans gave her the name Juno. Juno/Hera was the queen of the gods.
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Why does Juno hate Aeneas?

First and foremost, Juno hates Aeneas because he is a Trojan. The Trojan War began with the Judgement of Paris. Paris, a Trojan prince determined that Venus was the best godde (MORE)

Why was the roman god Juno worshipped?

Juno is the wife of Jupiter (zeus) SHE is the Goddess of marriage, women would worship her because they would want a good marriage and things like that.
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What is Juno-preloader?

Juno is an internet service provider. The software to use this comes with your new computer. It is not necessary to keep on your system if you don't need it.
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Who were known as Junos swans and why?

Rosalind and Celia are cousins in the play 'As you like it' by William Shakespeare. They were referred to as Juno Swans because it was believed that swans mate [stay together] (MORE)

What was the power of Juno?

Juno was a complex deity. She was a goddess of sovereignty, war and futility. She was the protector of Rome and the Roman state, and of women and childbirth. She was also a pa (MORE)