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What is a military junta?

A military junta is a group of military officers who have taken over the government of a country by force. A military dictatorship where a single leader usually has all the po (MORE)

What happens in a military junta government?

In a military junta government, Indians and spanish have a few military leaders that rule the government. It is not a very safe enviorment because the leaders kill each other (MORE)

Are juntas common in Latin America?

no. at one time they were more common. at present there is only one ruling junta (in Honduras) after the president was deposed and subsequently exiled. military juntas have (MORE)

Aguinaldo and the Hong Kong junta?

The Hong Kong Junta played a crucial role in the Revolution and the succeeding war against the United States. The campaign of the Hong Kong Junta may have differed from the ar (MORE)
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What is the common use of Junta?

Junta is a military - led government, they are in power after seizing a country, they can also be a small government body, or ruling council of a military dictatorship.