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What is jurisdiction?

Jurisdiction is a court's authority to hear and decide cases. ManyUnited States of America Supreme Court's decisions treat thissimple question and simple answer (unless you're (MORE)

What is the military jurisdiction?

when military authority takes priority over an event on a military installion or an offense by a member of the military

What are exclusive jurisdiction and concurrent jurisdiction?

Pertaining to courts, a court with "exclusive jurisdiction" has power in certain areas or over certain persons (subject matter) to the exclusion of all other courts.. Concurr (MORE)

What proves jurisdiction?

This is a complicated question. There are two court systems in America; the state courts and the federal courts. State courts are courts of general jurisdiction, they can (MORE)

What is the jurisdiction of the courts?

Federal Courts: trial for crimes committed against the Federal government, its laws, and its agents; interstate crime, terrorism cases, and suits against the Federal Governmen (MORE)

What is court of jurisdiction?

"Jurisdiction"simply means "to say the law" so basically any legitimate court is one of jurisdiction because has the right to deal with legal matters. I suppose you are specif (MORE)
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What is adjudicative jurisdiction?

Adjudicative jurisdiction limits judicial power. When a state has jurisdiction to adjudicate, its tribunals may resolve disputes.
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What is residual jurisdiction?

residual jurisdiction means the jurisdiction conferred on the District Court by operation of the Compensation Court Repeal Act 2002 . : (MORE)