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What is jurisdiction?

Jurisdiction is a court's authority to hear and decide cases. ManyUnited States of America Supreme Court's decisions treat thissimple question and simple answer (unless you're (MORE)

What are exclusive jurisdiction and concurrent jurisdiction?

Pertaining to courts, a court with "exclusive jurisdiction" has power in certain areas or over certain persons (subject matter) to the exclusion of all other courts.. Concurr (MORE)

What does jurisdiction limit?

Jurisdiction DIRECTLY limits A. When a case may be heard B. Who may decide a case C. How many witnesses may be called by the defendant D. The number of times a cas (MORE)

What is orignal jurisdiction?

Well, break down the words and you will have the meanings. First, original. Origin is the beginning, and al, also all, means everything or everyone. So, original means every b (MORE)

What is the jurisdiction of the court?

It can have several meanings: (1) Jurisdiction generally means the power of a court to hear and render a decision in a given situation. (2) It can refer to the geographical (MORE)

What is police jurisdiction?

When applied to law enforcement agencies it means the geographical area over which the government they work for has legal authority. (e.g.: New York City PD cannot police in A (MORE)
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Where does CIPFA have jurisdiction?

CIPFA has jurisdiction in the UK. It stands for the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy. They offer training on many financial sector certificates.