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What is jurisprudence?

In law, jurisprudence is the set of reported judicial decisions of selected appellate courts and other courts of first instance which make new interpretations of the law a ( Full Answer )
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What is nursing jurisprudence?

Nursing jurisprudence is that area of law which is comprised of all legal rules and principles affecting the practice of nursing. Those laws (nursing practice acts) are typica ( Full Answer )
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Sentence for jurisprudence?

People who study jurisprudence learn how al the laws really work. Hope this helps.... I just had to do an assignment with that word
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What is the nature of jurisprudence?

Jurisprudence is the Philosophy of Law,or the science of Law which treats the principle of Positive Law and Legal Relation.
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What is medical jurisprudence?

Medical jurisprudence: The branch of the law that deals with the application of law to medicine or, conversely, the application of medical science to legal problems. Medical ( Full Answer )
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What is industrial jurisprudence?

Industrial jurisprudence is the study and theory of industrial law.Is recent in origin and based on the concept of social justice.
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What is importanc of Islamic jurisprudence?

It implemets the Islam teachings per Quran and Sunnah (prophet Muhammad PBUH sayings and practices). Islamic jurisprudence does not depend on race, color, gender, or faith dis ( Full Answer )
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What is the meaning of duress in jurisprudence?

Duress in juriprudence is when a defendent gives a false testimony or a false confession due to duress or threats of force that are inferred by arresting officers.
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What is the effect of jurisprudence on humans?

The current state of world law and politics is effectively a resultof jurisprudence in the general sense. You will have to be morespecific with your question.