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How many missions are there in just cause 2?

There are 65 missions in total in Just Cause 2.    7 Agency Missions, these are the main storyline missions.   9 Stronghold Takeovers. Three for each faction, these (MORE)

Is just cause 2 good?

I think it's one of the best games I've ever played. It's really fun to hit people with your grapple hook, steal helicopters and cars. So yeah. I think it's awesome.
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Does Just Cause 2 have free roam?

Once you have completed the first 2 missions on Just Cause 2, you can do what you want. So yes, Just Cause 2 does have free roam.
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How do you save game in just cause 2?

For Xbox, hit the "Start" button, and it'll take you into the menu. From there, click "Save" and wait for it to save. Once it's completed, exit out from the menu and you've sa (MORE)

Are there cheats for just cause 2?

There is cheats for just cause 2 there is coordinates and they show u were things are but to find the coordinates u need to go the map press select to open the map and look to (MORE)

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Why just cause 2 crashes?

plaease every one who is trying to play justcause 2 on PC . why just cause 2 crashes in the loading? the answer is that if you have nvidia graphic card then download driver (MORE)

What are coordinates on just cause 2?

Coordinates are the "X" and "Y" on your map X means horizontal position and Y mean vertical position. (You can see them on left side of the screen)
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Is just cause 2 on PSP?

no the game is too big for the memory but it is on ps3 xbox and pc it is also on ps2
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Can you go online on Just Cause 2?

There is no multiplayer or any kind of online play on the console  versions.   As of September, Just Cause 2 on the PC has been updated and now  has a multiplayer compon (MORE)

What is the product key for just cause 2?

The product key is the code that comes with the PC retail version.  You enter that code into Steam to add the game to your game  library. Then you can either complete the in (MORE)