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What are the Advantages of jute?

Jute has many advantages against alternative materials in various  situations; a more in-depth comparison would be worthwhile if you  are interested in a specific area of ju (MORE)

Scientific name of jute?

  Scientific names of jute are as follows:   - for white jute = corchorus capsularis   - for tossa jute = corchorus olitorius
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What is the scientific name of jute?

There are two commercially grown types of Jute. White Jute (Corchorus capsularis) and Tossa Jute (Corchorus olitorius).
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What is jute carding?

The primary objectives of jute carding are: a) To split the jute reeds longitudinally and break it transversely. b) To convert the reeds of jute into a uniform fibrous stran (MORE)
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What do jute bag mean?

A Jute Bag is a Multipurpose Bag made out of Jute Fabric. This fabric is obtained from Jute Plant which is grown in abundance within South Asian Countries like India & Banglad (MORE)
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What are the properties of jute?

Jute fibre has some unique physical properties like high tenacity,  bulkiness, sound & heat insulation property, low thermal  conductivity, antistatic property etc. Due to t (MORE)
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What are the advantages of having a jute rug?

Having a jute rug can have many advantages. Some of the more common reasons people would want to have them are: To avoid wear and tear on the floor. Because they look good. To (MORE)
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Jute seed uses?

The jute seeds are used to grow the jute fibres which are use in  the manufacture of a number of agriculture/farming industry.
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What is the uses of jute?

Jute is used chiefly to make cloth for wrapping bales of raw  cotton, and to make sacks and coarse cloth. The fibers are also  woven into curtains, chair coverings, carpets, (MORE)