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Where is the Sailcat musician Court Pickett?

After Sailcat disbanded Court moved to Charlotte, N.C. in 1977 and played with one of the popular "Beach Music Bands", The Tempests for 12 years. He also sang and did session (MORE)

What is a court musician?

A court musician is a musician that composes music for only 1 person(or family), like Beethoven lived with a royal family and he was treated basically like a servant, but was (MORE)

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What are duties of a musician?

  The duties of a musician--- To be trained in their field, , to have and know what songs or music they will need to use for a particular singer. To arrange a piece of mus (MORE)
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Who is the greatest musician who ever lived?

Ludwig van Beethoven. Why? Beethoven was by all accounts the greatest piano player of his day. He was also the greatest improviser of his time. This is well documented by (MORE)

Who is the richest musician in the world?

 To the best of my knowledge its Sir Paul McCartney. He is worth  475 mil GBP so c. 712mil USD where as Jay Z is worth 547 including  Beyonce's contribution.     (MORE)

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