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Was kaiser Wilhelm a good leader?

The Kaiser was a rather able leader in his own way. He further empowered the German Empire, turning it into one of the most powerful and important countries in the world, and (MORE)

What is Kaiser permanente's mission and vision?

Kaiser's mission statement is to provide affordable high-quality healthcare services and improve the health of our members and the communitites we share.
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How did Kaiser Wilhelm Die?

Kaiser Wilhelm II died from a lung embolism in 1941. He was the  last Emperor of Germany from 1888 to 1918. When it was apparent  that Germany would lose the war in 1918, he (MORE)

Why was the German kaiser jealous of Britain?

Wilhelm II was a frequent visitor to Britain when he was young as lots of his relatives were members of the British royal family. His grandmother was Queen Victoria of Britain (MORE)
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What does permanente in kaiser permanente mean?

The name Permanente came from Permanente Creek, which ran by Henry Kaiser's first cement plant on Black Mountain in Cupertino, California.
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Who was Kaiser Sousa?

You may be confusing this name with a character named Kaiser Soze or Sose from the movie The Usual Suspects starring Kevin Spacey.
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Did kaiser Wilhelm sink the Lusitania?

The Kaiser did not sink the Lusitania it was Captain Schweiger  who fired the torpedo's and was on board ship. However, the Kaiser  did give out orders to sink the passenger (MORE)