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What is a Kakapo?

The kakapo is a flightless parrot confined to isolated islands  around the southern part of New Zealand. It is critically  endangered.    The Kakapo is the world's he (MORE)

What color is the kakapo?

Kakapo, flightless native parrots of New Zealand, have moss-greenfeathers mottled with brown and yellow. This enables them tocamouflage against the forest floor. They have a y (MORE)

How do kakapo mate?

Kakapo, like all birds, reproduce sexually. They must first attracta mate. The male does this by producing a subsonic mating boom withhis inflatable thoracic air sac, which ca (MORE)
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Why is the kakapo flightless?

The kakapo is flightless because it lives in New Zealand and before man arrived New Zealand had no predators on it, so the birds didn't really need to fly & they forgot.

Where is the habitat of the kakapo?

The kakapo is a type of owl-like parrot that is found only in NewZealand. The only flightkess parrot in existence, and the heaviest,they are nocturnal as well as very unique i (MORE)
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How heavy are kakapo?

Kakapo are the world's heaviest parrots, being flightless. Male  kakapo can weigh up to 3.5 kg while females can weigh up to 2 kg.
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What adaptations does a kakapo have?

 A kakapo's moss green colouring gives it camouflage in its  habitat.  The kakapo is an effective climber, boy like sucking digs to  girls with a strong beak and claws to (MORE)