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What is Penn Foster?

Penn-Foster is an accredited online educational institution, providing High School and College education courses for Independent Study. Please note that WikiAnswers is not aff (MORE)
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Who played kal in Titanic?

Do you mean Cal? If so then he was played by Billy Zane in the movie "Titanic."
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Who is stronger Superman Kal-El or Superman Kon-El?

Logic would dictate that Superman (Kal-El) would be stronger than Superboy (Kon-El) for two reasons. 1. Kal-El is older and has been exposed to more of the Earths yellow sun r (MORE)
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What actually is kal baisakhi?

the localised thunderstorms associated with violent thunderstorms and torrential rainfall in India specially near kerela is termes as kaal baisakhi in west bengal.In some part (MORE)

Can you play Kal Online on Mac OS X?

Technically No, BUT Mac OS X does come preloaded with a Utility called Bootcamp, which lets you boot up a Microsoft operating system of your choice on your own mac. Pretty coo (MORE)

Why do Stanford students call cal Berkeley kal?

Calling Cal "Kal" is Stanford's way of attempting to match the much  more hilarious misspelling Cal students often use when they refer  to "Stanfurd."
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What is a ROHM RG3 kal 6mm?

It is a West German .22 caliber pistol of very poor quality. Many are unsafe to fire. Please have checked by a gunsmith.
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How do you get an assassin mask in kal online?

  go to Temporary Fort of Geum O-Hee Castle go behind the building where the Blacksmith and Storage Keeper are behind this building you will find the Assasin Mask Merc (MORE)