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Where is Kalgoorlie?

Kalgoorlie is a town in the State of Western Australia. Its full name is Kalgoorlie-Boulder. It lies in the Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia (WA), some 370 miles (595 (MORE)
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What minerals are mined in Kalgoorlie?

Nickel and telluride minerals are mined at Kalgoorlie.    However, Kalgoorlie is best known for its rich gold deposits. Gold is a metal, not a mineral.
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Main mineral mined Kalgoorlie?

Not a mineral, but a metal- gold- and nickel. The Fimiston Open Pit, known as the Super Pit, is the largest open pit mine in the world. The mine produces about 28 tonnes of go (MORE)

What is Kalgoorlie famous for?

kalgoorlie is famous for being one of the fist towns in wa to find  gold, paddy hanan found gold thereand then every body cameto  kalgoorlie to get some gold

When was kalgoorlie settled?

Kalgoorlie, officially known as Kalgoorlie-Boulder, was founded in  1893. It covers an area of 39.8 square miles and has an elevation  of 1,535 feet.

How large is Kalgoorlie?

In geographical area, Kalgoorlie-Boulder (no longer distinguished as separate towns) covers 95575 square kilometres or 36902 square miles. Its population is around 30000.
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Who discovered Kalgoorlie?

The question should really be "How did Kalgoorlie develop?" because a town cannot be discovered - the site has to be discovered, and the town then grows out of that. Kalgoorli (MORE)