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How do you form the union of kalmar?

If you're talking about kingdoms, you get the cities which you get told to take in a message, once u have got them all kill the Norwegian king. Are you seriously asking for s ( Full Answer )
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In Medieval 2 Total War how does Denmark become the Union of Kalmar?

You must be playing the Teutonic Campaign When playing as Denmark, it is possible for you to form the Union of Kalmar. In order to do this you must first take the Scandina ( Full Answer )
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How did the Kalmar Union come into being?

The Kalmar Union was a personal union of Denmark; Sweden, which included Finland; and Norway, with its dependencies of Iceland, Greenland, the Faroe Islands, the Orkney Island ( Full Answer )
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Is Kalmar a Jewish name?

Sometimes - not always. There are some Jewiah families in Argentinawith that surname; but there are also Catholics. Kalmar is a Germanname. Also, names sometimes go over from ( Full Answer )
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What movie and television projects has John Kalmar been in?

John Kalmar has: Performed in "Jydekompagniet" in 1988. Played Bodybuilder in "Pusher" in 1996. Played Stoiss Bodyguard in "Skyggen" in 1998. Played Rocker 2 in "En kort en la ( Full Answer )