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Can you do the kamehameha?

Well we all know everyone is real life cannot do it in real life because we need to gather up alot of chi and we humans do have chi so if this answers your question its no. Al (MORE)
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Is kamehameha Samoan?

Educated minds know that Hawaiians are Samoans, they came from SAMOA, SAVAI'I -- ( Samoa --> Marquesas & Tahiti ---> Hawaii --> & then to New Zealand. Polynesians of Savai'i w (MORE)

Why is kamehameha famous?

  King Kamehameha is famous for being king of the Hawaiian islands. he was the most strongest Hawaiian king.
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How do you learn the kamehameha?

It usually takes years of practices to do the move exactly like goku however nothing is impossible. First you must learn to collect your kai. A normal person takes a whole day (MORE)
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How do you do a kamehameha?

It's called a "no touch knock out". You use it by gathering Chi. There are a few people who have done it. (Leon Jay, George Dillman) It requires concentration, and a lot of (MORE)
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Can you do a real Kamehameha?

ok so, the Kamehameha is a gathering of ki. In other words the Kamehameha is made of ki, so the first step is to learn how to gather ki. to do that, go into a horse stance and (MORE)

What is iv?

  In roman numerals: 4 In medicine: Intravenous - into the vein.
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