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Where are the effects of kamma or karma stored?

I heard a monk from the Tibetan traditions teach from scripturesthat - by and large Karma is not stored in the mind, any disturingemotions we feel are not in themselves Karma (MORE)
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Where you can find a lot kammas at dofus?

shinobido:: well, there are some webs offer how to get kammas. try open google. then search there are some good tips there, might help F2p a lot (MORE)

What is kamma in Buddhism?

Kamma is the pali word for 'Karma'. It means action. In Buddhism, every action has a result which will ripen when the conditions are appropriate. Good actions lead to good res (MORE)
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What is best caste marathi or kamma?

Both are different castes from different states,one is from Andhra Pradesh and another is from Maharashtra.Both are dominant in their states related to power and wealth and so (MORE)