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Why do we have wars?

Wars have occurred throughout recorded history, and even before, beginning as the competition between tribes for limited resources. Later, empires were built by defeating othe (MORE)

Is Korean War a proxy war?

    Yes, the Soviets were using North Korean troops to invade South Korea. In return for fighting for the Soviet Union, the North Koreans received war equipment and su (MORE)

Who won war war in Afghanistan?

Afghanistan is not at war with anyone. Afghanistan barely has a government and an army. First off the war is still raging intensely but everyone has forgotten about it. The Am (MORE)

What war is World War II?

In World War II, Adolf Hitler led Germany (and allied Japan & Italy) to wage war on the rest of the world, including Britain, France (defeated), Russia, USA, Australia and man (MORE)

When is a war classed as a world war?

Normally when war is being fought in all of the oceans on earth, and on most of the nations around the world. Most of WW1 (1914-1918) was fought in Europe, but many of the m (MORE)

What is war?

Answer   war is when a country fights for freedom,land,or religion.war is basicly when two countries fight for something.   Answer:   war is when two countries figh (MORE)

Was the Civil War a just war?

Truthfully the answer to this question is really based on how you look at it. My view is yes. I believe that if we did not have a civil war we would be split or possibly mad (MORE)

What war was after the Vietnam war?

1. Operation Urgent Fury (Grenada 1983) was the first US military campaign after the Vietnam War. 2. Operation Just Cause (Panama 1989) was the second one. 3. Operation Desert (MORE)

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