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Kanji for akira?

  There is one thing I would like to first point out. There is no one Kanji for any name and the meaning of the name is based on the Kanji used in the name. My name, for e (MORE)

How do you write Emily in Kanji?

Emily in Japanese is usually in KATAKANA, not HIRAGANA (if a  Japanese child is named Emily it will be written in  Hiragana/Kanji). Katakana is like: アイウエオ and H (MORE)

Write kristy in kanji?

  Errr... Kristy isn't a Japanese name, so it doesn't have a kanji. All foreign names are written in romaji only. クリスティー
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How much do kanji tattoos cost?

As anyone will tell you, it depends on the individual artist or parlor. Most artists charge a rate for x amount of letters, plus a lower charge per extra letter. For instance, (MORE)

How do you write 1-100 in kanji?

1: 一 2: 二 3: 三 4: 四 5: 五 6: 六 7: 七 8: 八 9: 九 10: 十 11: 十一 12: 十二 13: 十三 14: 十四 15: 十五 16: 十六 17: 十七 18: 十八 19: 十九 20: (MORE)