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Kanon Wakeshima's cello names?

Wakeshima-sama's cellos are:  Yaeharu-kun Nanachie-san and Mikazuki-san. Yaeharu-kun is the cello she plays and practices on. He looks just like a regular cello, but he's ve (MORE)
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What is the what game?

ANSWER:  When someone asks you a question or says something to you, you respond with only 'What'. It will drive them mad. This also works with 'Why'.  Another variation is e (MORE)

Where are my games?

If you're using a Mac, you can download games from the Mac App store which accessible from the Apple icon on the top left of your screen.
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An cafe's Kanon has a girlfriend?

No, he doesn't but he admited that one (or two I don't remember  well) of the members does and I think it may be Teruki or Takuya,  but the band decided to keep it on privat (MORE)

What is the game powder game?

The Powder Game is basically a physics simulator. You can play with  genetics, explosives, radioactive materials, and try to combine  them. These combinations will result in (MORE)