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Do you say people is or people are?

The correct thing to say is "people are". The word people does not refer to singular except when used for group description. Looking at the word properly shows that it is (MORE)

What is the lyrics of himno ning kapampangan?

 HIMNU NING KAPAMPANGAN   Kapampangan misapwak  King legwan na ning alaya  Gabun ding pantas at marangal  Sibul ning lugud, karinan ning tepangan  Batis ning katalaru (MORE)

What is the charateristics of kapampangan?

they are very gaudy and loves to show off...even when they only have one penny under their name...they love to parade with their brand name purses and drive European cars...bu (MORE)

What are the kapampangan songs with lyrics?

Atin Cu Pung Singsing Atin cu pung singsing Metung yang timpukan Amana que iti Queng indung pibatan Sangkang queng sininup Queng metung a caban Mewala ya iti Ec (MORE)

Do people like homeless people?

Being around the homeless makes many people very uncomfortable in the same way that a person with Down Syndrom or cerebal palsy. People see the homeless as dirty degenerates. (MORE)

What did of the people by the people and for the people mean?

It means that our Democracy is organized by the people and is operated by the people for the purpose of serving the people. These words are generally used to describe a democr (MORE)