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Why doesn't tau kappa epsilon have a sigma chapter?

Tau Kappa Epsilon does have a Sigma chapter. we just refer it as Scorpion chapter that is located in Cornell University.The Scorpion TKE story began in the year 1907 when Kapp (MORE)

Why did kappa alpha psi and phi beta sigma not join together?

There was never a connection. And there is no such letter from Diggs to Phi beta sigma asking them to join Kappa Alpha Psi. No sigma has seen such a letter nor members of Kapp (MORE)

How are sigma gamma rho and kappas related?

Sigma Gamma Rho's and Kappa Alpha Psi's are both members of the Divine Nine (historically black sororities and fraternities). Kappas and SGRhos were both founded on predominan (MORE)

What is the date that the 22 founders of Delta Sigma Theta left Alpha Kappa Alpha?

SEE: In Search of Sisterhood: Delta Sigma Theta and the Challenge of the Black Sorority Movement, by Paula J. Giddings   This can be traced back to the year 1912 at Howard (MORE)

Why did delta sigma theta break away from alpha kappa alpha?

At the time, the sole chapter was the one at Howard University. The young women who comprised the chapter decided not to carry the legacy that had been passed to them, but ins (MORE)

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