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2003 Pontiac Grand Prix - turned on the blower motor and it started clunking really loudly does it sound like a bearing and the motor is kaput?

FYi, I own a 2003 grand am and have the same problem, my blower motor works on all speeds so it is not the overpriced blower relay. Based on past experiences with Pontiacs the (MORE)

What does kaput mean?

"Kaputt" can either mean broken ( Mein Auto ist kaputt = My car is broken). You can also say it when you want to express that you're tired/exhausted from something. (Ich bin (MORE)

My oil pressure switch went kaput in my 97 Wrangler and I'm having a hard time taking it out. What are some good tips or hints to unscrew it?

Can't say I've ever had trouble with a sending unit although i would recommend a socket rather than a wrench. Make sure your using a 27mm or 1 1/16" Those sending units usuall (MORE)

What is a synonym for kaput?

The word "kaput" comes from German ( kaputt, done for) and means broken, ruined, or finished (as in no longer usable). Synonyms include broken, dead, defunct, inoperable, de (MORE)

What actors and actresses appeared in Kaput Lager - Gli ultimi giorni delle SS - 1977?

The cast of Kaput Lager - Gli ultimi giorni delle SS - 1977 includes: Italo Gasperini Agnes Kalpagos as Clara Lea Lander as Dr. Lessing, SS Afrika Korps Mauro Mannatrizio Gord (MORE)