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Who is karel schoeman?

  Karel Schoeman is a renowned South African writer, born in 1939. He is primarily known as a novelist -- most famously internationally for his novel, Another Country -- b (MORE)

Where did karel capek invent the robot?

Karel Capek didn't "invent" the robot. He (and/or his brother Josef) invented the word "robot", from a Czech word meaning "worker" or "slave". But they were writers, not inven (MORE)

Why did corrie and karel never get married?

I am assuming you are talking about in the book known as "The Hiding Place", if so , Karel's parents wanted him to get married to someone in his own social class, someone that (MORE)
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2 by 2 Rubik's cube?

  The 2x2x2 Rubik's Cube was most recently called the "Pocket Cube" or the "Ice Cube". It's used for people who want to play on the go...
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How can 2 and 2 make 5?

2 + 2If you used round numbers as 1.6 rounded up is 2 as well as 2.4 rounded is 2 so if you do 2.4 + 2.4 this equals 4.8 which can be rounded to 5. which in rounded terms is 2 (MORE)
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How do you get 2 players on fable 2?

turn your controller on then hit the start button then it will let the 2nd player customize their person. The first player can pick how much exp he want to go to his profile a (MORE)
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What is the slope of 6 2 2 -2?

7 or 10 if you calculate using the upward force slope then it is 10 otherwise it is 7! :0 Another Possibility:- Using: y2- y1over x2-x1 = -2-2/2-6 = a slope of 1
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