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Where is karnak?

The Temple of Karnak is at a village in Upper Egypt called Al-Karnak on the east side of Thebes.
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Who started the karnak temple complex?

The temple was built during the time of Senusret I in the time ofthe Middle Kingdom. Amenhotep IV dismantled them, and they are nowdecayed and falling apart
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Why is Karnak Temple famous?

because it a was a temple that was buils in a age so important to Egypt new kingdom
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How old is karnak?

The modern name el-Karnak is really the name of a small Arab village nearby, but it has been applied to a vast complex of temples, chapels and other buildings which the ancien ( Full Answer )
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How did they build temple of karnak?

i think it took about 1300 years to complete.. i don't really know I should imagine that thousands of slaves were also involved in the construction.
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Why is the temple of karnak so famous?

The temple of Karnak is so famous because it was a temple that was built in an age so important to Egypt's New Kingdom. THIS WAS FOR A HISTORY QUESTION OR REVIEW WASNT IT L ( Full Answer )
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Who made the Temple of Karnak?

There are many temples in Karnak the work was begun by Pharaoh Ramses II ( ca. 1391-1351 BC). Many pharaohs then added to it over their reigns.
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Is Karnak in Luxor?

They are within 3 kilometers of each other at Thebes, along the Nile River, in Egypt.
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How did the karnak temple were built?

Karnak temple is put together as mixture of decayed temples, chapels, pylons and buildings. This all started coming together during the reign of Sesostris one in the middle ki ( Full Answer )
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Who was in honor of the temple of karnak?

When Karnak is mentioned, it comprises a vast mix of decayed temples , chapels, pylons, and other buildings. The complex is avast open-air museum, and the second largest ancie ( Full Answer )