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What is karst topography?

A karst topography is that which composes of limestone and its  associated features and structures.       •Karst topography and caves develop in limestone ro (MORE)

What is a karst?

Karst is the name given to all the landforms in areas of limestone rock. It includes both surface features( limestone pavements, cockpits,gorges etc.) and underground features (MORE)

Where is karst topography found?

In places that are mostly humid where Karst topography can usually  be found. Karst topography can be best described as landscapes that  have underground systems like caves. (MORE)

What is topography?

Topography is the shape or configuration of the land, represented on a map by contour lines, hypsometric tints, and relief shading. Topography has several meanings which one d (MORE)

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What is Karst geology?

 •A morphologic terrain resulting from dissolution and precipitation  of near-surface bedrock   -Dissolution of soluble bedrock   -Primarily in carbonates   -Res (MORE)