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Where is Kashmir?

Kashmir is located in India, Pakistan, and China. It is a region of the Indian subcontinent.
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Where is Kashmir located?

The south of Kashmir is bordered by Punjab, while on the southwest is Himachal Pradesh.
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Capital of kashmir?

The Indian state of Kashmir has two capitals. Jammu is the capitalin the winter and Srinagar is the capital in the summer.
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What continent is Kashmir on?

Kashmir is in the continent of Asia. It lies in the far northwest of the Indian subcontinent, east of Pakistan.
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What is the capitol of Kashmir?

the summer capitol of kashmir is srinagar and the winter capitol is jammu. for more information visit
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Where is the regoin of kashmir?

Its a land occupied by both India and Pakistan. A territory remainsunsettled since 1947. Kashmir is the northernmost geographical region of the Indiansubcontinent. Until the ( Full Answer )
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What is kashmir issuse?

The Kashmir issue is mainly speaking of the conflict of a region called Kashmir between Pakistan and India. Both believe they have the right to this region and have conflict o ( Full Answer )
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What is capital of kashmir?

the capital of kashmir is Srinagar which unfortunately has been truncated presently between twin cities jammu and Srinagar-more than 300 kms away from each other. the jammu ha ( Full Answer )
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What was kashmir dispute?

The Kashmir dispute was all about the control of Kashmir region bythe Government of India, the Government of Pakistan and KashmirInsurgent Group.