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Who was mr Neville?

Mr Neville was an chief protector of Aborigines in Australia, he made all the laws and was in charge of taking away the mixed race Aboriginal-Australian children. He thought t (MORE)

Is Katherine Ross related to Katherine Hepburn?

No, but Katharine Hepburn did have a niece Katharine Houghton who played Hepburn's daughter in the1967 film Guess Who's Coming to Dinner. Katharine Houghton and Katherine Ross (MORE)

Who is Neville longbottom?

Neville Longbottom is a fellow Gryffindor and a good friend of Harry Potter. His character seems very sheepish but proves to have great leadership skills when needed.
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What did Neville Chamberlain do?

Neville Chamberlain born 1869 died 1940     Neville Chamberlain was the British prime minister between 1937 and 1940, and is closely associated with the policy of appe (MORE)

Who is Katherine shepler?

Katherine Shepler is a child actress. Her career began with the Hallmark Channel movie, "Front of the Class", where she played a lead role as a child with cancer named Heather (MORE)

What is Katherine in French?

I believe the most common French spelling is Catherine-- one often used in English. As far as I know, the only significant difference is pronunciation. Two French pronunciatio (MORE)