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Was there a Saint Kathleen?

No there isn't. There is a Saint Catherine though. My sister made the mistake when she made her confirmation under the name Kathleen only to discover there was no such saint. (MORE)

Kathleen in Gaelic?

The Irish spelling of 'Kathleen' is CAITLÍN [pron. 'catch-leen], the Scots Gaelic equivalent is CAITLIN.
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What does the name Kathleen mean?

Kathleen is of Irish Gaelic origin. Variant of Katherine (Greek) meaning 'pure'. First use outside Ireland in 1840. _________________________________________________________ (MORE)

What does the name kathleen mean in Hebrew?

The name Kathleen has no meaning in Hebrew. Only Hebrew names have meaning in Hebrew.
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Who is kathleen piper of Trinidad and tobago?

KATHLEEN PIPER composed the music and words for "Our Nation's Dawning", a National Song for Trinidad and Tobago at the time of Independence in 1962. I am publishing the words (MORE)

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