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Does kavya madhavan belongs to this list?

Answer . Kavya Madhavan, Film actor Raghavan and his son Jishnu belongs to the Saliya community , traditionally engaged in weaving of North Malabar and not belongs to the ( Full Answer )
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Does kavya madhavan belongs to saliya community?

Usually ayurvedic physicians , weavers and warriors in olden days were supposed to belong to ezhava/thiyya community.well we do not know how weavers were got changed to to a p ( Full Answer )
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Did kavya have affair with dileep?

No. Because kavya said that she thought him as a brother. Dileep helps her a lot.
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What is Kavya Madhavan famous for?

Kavya Madhavan is a famous actress who works in malayalam cinema. In 1991 she made her debut in pookkalam Varavayi as a child artist. She won the Kerala State Film award twice ( Full Answer )
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What movie and television projects has Kavya Madhavan been in?

Kavya Madhavan has: Played School Girl in "Pookkalam Varavayi" in 1991. Played Child Anjali in "Azhakiya Ravanan" in 1996. Played Dhanya in "Irattakuttikalude Achan" in 1997. ( Full Answer )