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What is LP Version?

The version on vinyl, or a record (the LP at 33.3 RPM). I remember when there were 45 RPM records, usually just 1 song each side, and LP records or albums, which had the Long (MORE)

What is an LP in music?

LP stands for a long-playing phonograph record. It was the primary recording medium for music beginning in 1948 and ending after the compact disc prevailed. Long playing recor (MORE)

What does LP stand for?

LP is a 'Long Playing' record made of black vinyl, they typically had 6 or 7 recordings on each side and you would need a 'record player' to listen to them, they were very pop (MORE)
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What is an lp degree?

Took me a bit to figure this out too: Licensed Psychoanalyst -- someone who has done postgraduate work in psychoanalysis and has gone through analysis themselves. Generally t (MORE)
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What does LP and Double LP mean when talking about records?

LP= Long Playing. Originally, back in the early to mid 1900's, records were played at 78 rpm (Revolutions per Minute), and you only could fit one song on each side of the reco (MORE)
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Where can you get lps?

You get them at Walmart, Target, Toys R Us and other toy can also get old ones on online stores like amazon, and sometimes toy s rus will have some only online.
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How many lps are there?

How many are there? There are more thsn 300 so for me that is impossible! How many lps are there?..................................................... Well i don't really kn (MORE)

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