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What is a kea?

A kea is a parrot native to the alpine and forested areas of theSouth Island of New Zealand. They're notorious for "attacking"parked cars and chewing up rubber like the windsh (MORE)

Describe a Kea?

The kea is the second-largest parrot in New Zealand. It averages 48cm in length and 930 grams. Its head is brownish-green and its body and tail bronze-green or olive-green, wh (MORE)

Where do kea live?

The Kea, Nestor notablis, is a mountain parrot and lives mainly above the forest line. It is quite agile walking over the snow, and is a competent flier. It is an omnivore, an (MORE)

What does a Kea eat?

mainly seen nibbling on plants but will take shear water chicks and kill livestock. ___________________________ Different Person: Keas only take the livestock after it has (MORE)

Is a kea an omnivore?

A Kea is an omnivore. It eats 40 types of plants, beetle lavae, chicks and the remains of sheep and rabbits.
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What do the kea eat?

hey girls and boy well i say that a kea eats plants/berries because the berries are small for them to put in there mouth   laters piece out
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Why is the bird Kea called the kea?

The kea, a bird that is native to New Zealand, is named are the sound it makes. Its in-flight call sounds like "kee-aa".
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