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What is a kea?

A kea is a parrot native to the alpine and forested areas of theSouth Island of New Zealand. They're notorious for "attacking"parked cars and chewing up rubber like the windsh (MORE)

Describe a Kea?

The kea is the second-largest parrot in New Zealand. It averages 48cm in length and 930 grams. Its head is brownish-green and its body and tail bronze-green or olive-green, wh (MORE)

Where do kea live?

The Kea, Nestor notablis , is a mountain parrot and lives mainly above the forest line. It is quite agile walking over the snow, and is a competent flier. It is an omnivore, (MORE)

What does a Kea eat?

Keas only take the livestock after it has been hunted. It has beenproven that they only eat the carcass and not kill. Other thanthat, they may nibble on plants. It may take sh (MORE)
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What do the kea eat?

hey girls and boy well i say that a kea eats plants/berries because the berries are small for them to put in there mouth laters piece out

What is the population of the kea?

The population has been estimated to number c.5,000 individuals (Peat 1994, Heather and ... Population estimates of Kea in Arthur's Pass National Park.