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What is kebab meat?

  Answer   Kebab Meat is traditionally beef, lamb (mutton), chicken, and/or even veal that is arranged in a cylindrical fashion on a large skewer that turns in front (MORE)

How do you make a kebab?

I love the way the colors of a beef shish kebab look against a bed of hot white rice. The darkness of the beef and brightness of the veggies are just plain appetizing. This ma (MORE)

What are kebabs?

  Kebabs (also called kebobs) are small pieces of marinated meat, especially lamb. Kebabs are usually prepared as shish kababs, where they are placed on skewers along with (MORE)

How is kebab made?

That's simple.   Anyway you want. Kabobs are awesome because you put what you want on the and they are done. Put whatever you like on a kabob stick and grill it up if it's (MORE)

Where can you found kebab?

Depending where you are it can be different places. In London there's a kebab shop on pretty much every busy street.
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