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Where do you keep a Unicorn?

You can't really find unicorns. If you find one, look for a phoenix  or a griffin for me. :)
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How do you keep strangers out?

This begs the question: "Out of where?" There are several possibilities. Starting with the simplest, your life, the answer is equally as simple. Do not engage them. Don't ta (MORE)
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What is a keep?

  Answer   Many medieval castles had a large central building called the keep. It was often protected by two outer walls.     As a noun (so indicated by "a"), (MORE)

What is keeping kosher?

It is following Kashrut, a set of dietary laws (see Deuteronomy  ch.14).  * Meat must be from those land animals which have split hooves and  chew their cud (such as beef a (MORE)
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How do you keep a earthworm?

Earthworms, if you are asking about the Southeastern US variety, do not live well in captivity. Red wiggler worms will live and even multiply in moist earth with a food source (MORE)

What to keep in your purse?

My girlfriend keeps lip gloss, tissues, a book, hand pack mirror,  cell phone, iPod, headphones, hair tyes, bobby pins, feminine care  products, and pen/pencil and of course (MORE)

Why do you keep coughing?

The cillia cells in your throat are clogged up in some way and so your body tries to free them. It ends up in a cough, which is just another sign that your body is working We (MORE)

How do you keep an Aquarius?

First step: Mental Stimulation. You must be thought-provoking, have a variety of hersey concepts to debate [not neccassarily lambast over, just, playful controversing.] With a (MORE)
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How do you keep from sneezing?

One way to keep yourself from sneezing is to hold your nose and try  not to breathe through your mouth.
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