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What is a keep?

Answer . Many medieval castles had a large central building called the keep . It was often protected by two outer walls.. As a noun (so indicated by "a"), there is only o (MORE)

How do you keep him?

You cannot force someone to be where they may not nor can you make them feel something they do not. With that being said, try talking with him and telling him how you feel and (MORE)
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What is in the keep?

The keep is the central part of a fortified structure usually round in shape but also can be square they are usually the tallest structure and built with the thickest walls so (MORE)
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What is a keep in a square keep castle?

A keep is a square structure that could easily defend. The keep was also thre tallest and strongest structure in the castle. It was used as the last line of defense during a a (MORE)

Who wrote the phrase keep on keeping on?

The phrase was frequently and widely used in the African American community prior to Curtis Mayfield's use in song. The brilliant Mr. Mayfield was very much an artist that ref (MORE)

How do you keep cats from?

The best thing to do is to squirt your cat with a spray bottle , but don't smack your cat! That makes it not like you or avoid you. So the best thing to do is squirt your cat. (MORE)

Where do you keep the dogs?

You will get several answers to this question depending upon what type of dog it is and how integrated into the family it is. Some keep their dogs outside 100% of the time - w (MORE)
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How do you keep a koala?

You don't. Koalas are not kept as pets. They are protected native animals and it is illegal to have one. Only native animal carers with a special licence may keep koalas under (MORE)