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Why did Keiko die?

As long as Keiko is alive in your heart, Keiko will NEVER die. Acute pneumonia after having been released into the wild is the accepted story.
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Was keiko the whale on Free Willy 2 and 3?

No, although Keiko starred in Free Willy along with an animatronic  whale, only animotronic whales were used in Free Willy 2 and 3,  though there were some shots of real orc (MORE)
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What did keiko the whale die of?

Keiko died of malnutrition and pneumonia in Norway in 2003.   After the success of the Free Willy movies, activists strived to release Keiko, in hopes that he be returned t (MORE)

What culture celebrates Angin Matsui?

It is a holiday originating in Japan. It includes a dragon with people on stilts below it. Also it includes Angin Matsui fruits in a large festival often celebrated in the em (MORE)

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